Why do people put down Suboxone?

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Why do people put down Suboxone?

by Marilyn

(Pembroke, VA)

I have been clean now for almost 2 yrs. I used prescription drugs for about 13 yrs. I couldn’t have gotten clean without the help of Suboxone.

I know a lot of people say that Suboxone is just like the drugs I was on but they are wrong. It has helped me so much. If Suboxone is used the right way it will help but the person has to want the help.

I’m so grateful for my doctor and my counselors for all the help they have done for me. I know I am going to be an addict all my life but I will not be an active one ever again.

So for anyone out there who says bad things about Suboxone you don’t know how hard it is to say off of drugs and can kiss my butt because I am proof that Suboxone does help people who really and truly need the help and want the help to be normal again.

Sincerely yours,

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Suboxone is helping a lot of people.

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Marilyn,

Many people put down Suboxone and Methadone because they don’t believe in taking ANY drug. It probably comes from the AA tradition of abstinence.

I love AA and know that AA has helped many people and abstinence from ALCOHOL is the best way to recover from an alcohol addiction.

But all addictions are not the same, an opiate addiction is VERY hard to recover from. I agree with you that Suboxone is a great way to recover from opiate addiction, because it manages the addiction but won’t allowing the euphoric feeling or overdose.

I also agree that anyone who criticizes may not have any understanding of how challenging the problem of opiate addiction is.

Congratulations to you on beating your addiction and hopefully many people addicted to opiates will read this and go to their doctor and ask for Suboxone. Try to ignore what others say about Suboxone and enjoy your new life.


Thank you

by: Anonymous

Hi Debbie,
Thank you for the information on Suboxone my don is a recovering heroin addict and he has been clean for 45 days. He says he is having a rough time, from time to time. He was saying how he wanted them to help with the urge and thoughts of using.

He goes to AA meetings, got a sponsor and they freaked out on him for wanting them. He was very upset. Like you said everyone is not the same. We all recover in different ways. He has appointment tomorrow to get Suboxone.

After reading a few story’s on Suboxone working for opiate users I feel a little better about him taking them.

Thank You


by: Anonymous

What happens when a addict can’t get no more Suboxone, or they take more one day so run short on the end of the month?

Mean people suck

by: Steven Keller

To chime in on people who have not researched drug addiction and the many different ways people get treated for becoming addicts. I was raised to think everything was ok in moderation and you are gonna do it here safely by my step dad.

I was on opiates at 13 daily and had an alcohol problem but we both did. So it was ok and when I turned 18 and was hooked on meth also and Xanax and dropped out of college with only one semester left bc of loosing pale bc of attendance problems bc of withdrawal.Then I spiraled for 6 years in limbo doing everything I could be prescribed and get off the street until I was raided by the cops and sent to move back in to mom’s at 22.

Well I made it six months and moved out met my wife and we got on oxy and the next 8 years was absolute hell. After my kids and wife left and still not being able to stop a doc friend of mind gave me suboxone. One year mentally and physically clean I wouldn’t believe it. With counseling and the desire to have a different life you can do it and b in recovery for real.

So avoid those people bc we all are different and I couldn’t cold turkey anything and drug dependence is different than drug addict.


by: Anonymous


Help with Suboxone

by: Stacy

My husband is an opiate addict. He has tried Suboxone and it works, but I feel the average addict depending how severe there addiction us should be on Suboxone for at least a few months and then given something to help get them off of it…or in most cases the reason why one is self medicates like my husband. He is bipolar and ADHD… Get on meds that help to prevent relapse. My husband has no insurance. It’s hard to get Suboxone. Subutex does not work!

Any suggestions? Financially we can’t go to the Dr and pay up the *** to get help… I came across this site by mistake … actually this is a blessing.

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