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This blog discusses news and current topics about drug addiction. It's goal to help you understand the problems and issues related to drug addiction and review new promising treatments for recovery.

Each of us is different

Nobody sets out to become addicted to drugs or expects to deal with drug addiction. Some people may take an illegal drug for the first time, just to have a thrill or be a part of the crowd.

Some people need prescription medication, but over time they begin to take too much, too often. Whatever the case, people certainly do not expect the misery that comes with addiction. But there is help for drug addiction and drug rehabilitation can work.

Addiction Has Many Faces...

Addiction has many faces, none of them pretty. This site is devoted to trying to help find ways for you to recover from addiction.

We designed this site to give useful information that will help people learn to make better decisions. The key to dealing with drug abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction is having the right information. You need information to recognize and understand drug addiction or alcoholism in yourself, your family, your friends and your community. This blog has complete and up to date facts about drug and alcohol abuse to help people to stop their dependence.

We designed this blog to give useful information that will help people learn to make better decisions.

Who are we?

Drug-Addiction-Support.org is a website built to answer the questions and concerns of those harmed by drug and alcohol addiction and abuse. It’s a collaborative effort between many people and resources so that you receive the most update information available. Our goal is to be independent and not promote one treatment center over another but give you the tools to make a well-informed decision.

We do recommend that everyone suffering from this destructive disease join a 12-Step group either through your local church, AA, or NA. If you are a family member or loved one of an addict we recommend you begin the 12-step process with Al-Anon as soon as you can.

Current Blog Entries

Nov 22, 2014

Testing without using cocaine

Can you test positive for cocaine use by having it on your fingers?

Continue reading "Testing without using cocaine"

Nov 22, 2014

Treatment Alternatives Drug Addiction Rehab Center

Treatment Alternatives has been saving people’s lives for over 25 years! We take pride in our services and here to help you or a loved one will the battle

Continue reading "Treatment Alternatives Drug Addiction Rehab Center"

Nov 22, 2014

Looking for Al-anon meeting to help daughter?

My daughter is addicted to heroin and prescription meds. Are there Al-anon groups for parents of addicted children in the Janesville, Wisconsin area?

Continue reading "Looking for Al-anon meeting to help daughter?"

Nov 17, 2014

I was once in love with a heroin addict

Hi there. If anyone reading this is In love with an addict, I can honestly say, I know how you feel. I too, at one point had a heroin addicted boyfriend.

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Nov 15, 2014

Addiction Recovery Now

The importance of Step 10 for us to learn to promptly admit when we're wrong. Often we as addicts have trouble learning to do this.

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Nov 15, 2014

Rapid detox can make opiate addiction recovery much easier.

The journey to a long recovery begins with the first step. Most people fail at trying to free themselves of the clutches of drug and/or alcohol addiction,

Continue reading "Rapid detox can make opiate addiction recovery much easier."

Nov 13, 2014

Struggling with addiction to pain killers and pot?

Struggling with addiction to pain killers and pot and when I don't have that I use alcohol. I am addicted to the feeling of being high, I don't like being

Continue reading "Struggling with addiction to pain killers and pot?"

Nov 13, 2014

Will Al-anon benefit me?

I am the adult child of alcoholic grandparents. My Mother is severely depressed and an extreme narcissist. These have factored in to myself having low

Continue reading "Will Al-anon benefit me?"

Nov 10, 2014

We've created a Live Drug Use Map.

Hi, Your article, Drug Addiction: Marijuana is really an eye-opener to know the harmful effects of marijuana if used frequently as it affects the motor

Continue reading "We've created a Live Drug Use Map."

Nov 08, 2014

My mother needs help, not sure what to do?

Hi, I am embarrassed to send this question. My mother is an amazing mother but she has an addiction to prescription medication. She has been abusing

Continue reading "My mother needs help, not sure what to do?"

Nov 08, 2014

Drug Addiction Causes much unhappiness and problems.

Drug Addiction Causes explores what happens when a person becomes addicted and will try to help you understand the underlying reasons.

Continue reading "Drug Addiction Causes much unhappiness and problems."

Nov 07, 2014

Even the Rich and Famous!

There is a stigma attached to drug addiction that other diseases do not have. If a person is diagnosed with cancer, receives treatment and becomes a survivor,

Continue reading "Even the Rich and Famous!"

Nov 06, 2014

Crime Often Drives Drug Sales

A few years ago, while enjoying a cup of coffee and doing my usual morning routine of surfing the net, I came by a USA Today article by Kevin Johnson stating

Continue reading "Crime Often Drives Drug Sales"

Nov 05, 2014

Spouse/Wife is a heroin addict! From Pain Pills to Heroin. 8 years now. HELP NEEDED

I am living with this addiction my wife has to heroin and can't take it anymore. She will not let me be and always wants money for heroin and I refuse

Continue reading "Spouse/Wife is a heroin addict! From Pain Pills to Heroin. 8 years now. HELP NEEDED"

Nov 04, 2014

What is the quinine powder used for?

What is the quinine powder used for and what is it combined with?

Continue reading "What is the quinine powder used for?"

Nov 03, 2014

Daughter's addiction

We found out our daughter has been using pot, amphetamines, and LSD. We confronted her and she left and has cut us out of her life. She protects the drug

Continue reading "Daughter's addiction"

Nov 01, 2014

How can I stop my Yaba addiction?

I'm a service holder in Dhaka, Mirpur. But I engage in a YABA addition. Now I want to stop it by taking treatment. I have to be present every working day

Continue reading "How can I stop my Yaba addiction?"

Oct 31, 2014

Need to end my methamphetamine addiction?

Am suffering from methamphetamine addiction, I hate my recent actions, I need to stop immediately to end the horrible effects? Please help me!

Continue reading "Need to end my methamphetamine addiction?"

Oct 30, 2014

Cocaine Contact

Can a person test positive for cocaine without using directly; kissing or touching??

Continue reading "Cocaine Contact "

Oct 30, 2014

Grieving for the Things Lost to Addiction

Growing up I was a good student and daughter. I participated in sports and my local debate team. I took several advanced placement classes throughout high

Continue reading "Grieving for the Things Lost to Addiction"

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