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Our blog discusses news and current topics about drug and alcohol addiction. Our goal to help you understand the problems and issues related to drug addiction and review new promising treatments for recovery.

Each of us is different

Nobody sets out to become addicted to drugs or expects to deal with drug addiction. Some people may take an illegal drug for the first time, just to have a thrill or be a part of the crowd.

Some people need prescription medication, but over time they begin to take too much, too often. Whatever the case, people certainly do not expect the misery that comes with addiction. But there is help for drug addiction and drug rehabilitation can work.

Addiction Has Many Faces...

Addiction has many faces, none of them pretty. This site is devoted to trying to help find ways for you to recover from addiction.

We designed this site to give useful information that will help people learn to make better decisions. The key to dealing with drug abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction is having the right information. You need information to recognize and understand drug addiction or alcoholism in yourself, your family, your friends and your community. The goal of our blog is to have complete and up to date facts about drug and alcohol abuse to help people to stop their dependence.

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Who are we?

Drug-Addiction-Support.org is a website built to answer the questions and concerns of those harmed by drug and alcohol addiction and abuse. It’s a collaborative effort between many people and resources so that you receive the most update information available. Our goal is to be independent and not promote one treatment center over another but give you the tools to make a well-informed decision.

We do recommend that everyone suffering from this destructive disease join a 12-Step group either through your local church, AA, or NA. If you are a family member or loved one of an addict we recommend you begin the 12-step process with Al-Anon as soon as you can.

Current Blog Entries

Oct 21, 2016

Why do I still yearn?

I have put my story up already! Tonight I'm feeling weakness! Kerry

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Oct 19, 2016

JourneyPure At The River

JourneyPure started with the goal to help others conquer their addictions and acquire the necessary skills to live a restored and sober life. Our innovative

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Oct 18, 2016

Heroin didn't beat me!!

Hi, I'm Kerry, 41. I left my family to find out the man I left them for was a heroin addict! We left Bradford and came to Chester for a fresh start

Continue reading "Heroin didn't beat me!!"

Oct 18, 2016

Adelante Recovery at Newport

Adelante Recovery is a California drug rehab and alcohol treatment center. Adelante Recovery is an inpatient rehab center in southern California. Treating

Continue reading "Adelante Recovery at Newport"

Oct 17, 2016

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment helps explain the treatment opitions available for rehab to overcome addictiona nd alcoholism...

Continue reading "Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment"

Oct 15, 2016

Signs of Drug Addiction

Signs of Drug Addiction; how can you tell if you're addicted to drugs?...

Continue reading "Signs of Drug Addiction"

Oct 14, 2016

Narcotics Addiction Questions

Narcotics Addiction Questions gives answers to common questions people dealing with addiction have...

Continue reading "Narcotics Addiction Questions"

Oct 13, 2016

Can You Be an Empowered Victim?

Every year, there are over 200,000 victims of sexual assault in the United States alone. One in 6 women have experienced rape or attempted rape. These

Continue reading "Can You Be an Empowered Victim?"

Oct 12, 2016

Josh Staab remembers his "brother" Joe McKenna

This is actually a video, but you can re-post it wherever you like. Can you use it? Josh Staab reminisces about his best friend-brother Joe McKennna,

Continue reading "Josh Staab remembers his "brother" Joe McKenna"

Oct 12, 2016

Married couple using meth?

I am a married female and my husband and i both are using meth. I want to go to rehab and be honest with my in-laws. My husband feels the opposite way.

Continue reading "Married couple using meth?"

Oct 10, 2016

In Too Deep - My Addiction Story

My journey with dependency began 15 years ago, in that time I’ve become a master deceiver – I’ve deceived friends and family but mostly I’ve deceived myself.

Continue reading "In Too Deep - My Addiction Story"

Oct 10, 2016

What to believe?

I have fallen in love with a heroin addict who is older than me and I don't know what to do? At the start everything was fine, he's on methadone and he

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Oct 08, 2016

I'm always me and myself yet it's me!

I tried once I tried twice and I tried thrice and fourth and so on.........! But using this never ends ...Alas...I'm dying, I know but though

Continue reading "I'm always me and myself yet it's me!"

Oct 07, 2016

Problem with Drug Addiction

Problem Drug with Addiction is a discussion of drug addiction treatments to help recover from drug and alcohol addiction...

Continue reading "Problem with Drug Addiction"

Oct 06, 2016

Teenage Addiction Help

Teenage Addiction Help documents resorces available to those struggling with addiction and needing detox and addiction treatment...

Continue reading "Teenage Addiction Help"

Oct 05, 2016

Addiction Rehab Center Thailand (ARC)

Addiction Rehab Center Thailand (ARC) is a rehab center in Chiang Mai that uses a holistic and spiritual approach in their treatment programs. Unlike other

Continue reading "Addiction Rehab Center Thailand (ARC)"

Oct 04, 2016

My name is Danny, and this is my story.

About 3 years ago whilst in Thailand partying with a mate, And on my 3rd day without sleep, I received a phone call from my girlfriend, I was barely able

Continue reading "My name is Danny, and this is my story."

Oct 03, 2016

Meth Has Destroyed My Family

As painstakingly and heartbreaking as it is, I've realized that I cannot compete with the drug of Satan, Meth... My ex-husband and I were together for

Continue reading "Meth Has Destroyed My Family"

Oct 01, 2016

How do you believe their words?

I've been seeing someone for 10-11 months now. When we first starting talking he let me know he had a wild childhood. He experimented a lot but he assured

Continue reading "How do you believe their words?"

Sep 30, 2016

About Prescription Drug Addiction

About Prescription Drug Addiction define the differences between drug abuse and drug addiction and describes the issues with both...

Continue reading "About Prescription Drug Addiction "

Sep 29, 2016

Addiction Parents

Addiction Parents gives ideas to parents to help their children avoid addiction is possible and also helps determine the best course of action if there is already a problem...

Continue reading "Addiction Parents"

Sep 28, 2016

Heroin Withdrawal and Treatment

Heroin Withdrawal and Treatment outlines the treatments you can choose from to learn to recover from addiction and alcoholism...

Continue reading "Heroin Withdrawal and Treatment"

Sep 27, 2016

I am a heroin addict.

I am a heroin addict. I have been an addict for almost 8 years. I used to live with my best friends in my early 20's and his father was a doctor and addicted

Continue reading "I am a heroin addict."

Sep 24, 2016

How to get help with no insurance and no money?

My grandson who lives with us is addicted to opiates; an every day user. Working only gives him more money for drugs. He is twenty-five years old and

Continue reading "How to get help with no insurance and no money?"

Sep 23, 2016

Drug Rehab Headquarters

Our goal is to be the number one authority for drug rehab in the United States. Providing informed, free and non-judgmental advice to every client, resulting

Continue reading "Drug Rehab Headquarters"

Sep 23, 2016

There is a stigma about addiction in our community.

Hello, A friend of mine recently went through treatment for substance abuse. Although she’s grateful to be clean and happy to be home, readjusting has

Continue reading "There is a stigma about addiction in our community."

Sep 22, 2016

Symptom Drug Addict

Symptom Drug Addict are a list of signs you should look for to decide if their is a problem with drug addiction or abuse that you need to deal with...

Continue reading "Symptom Drug Addict"

Sep 21, 2016

What to Look For When Choosing a Halfway House.

Leaving treatment can be an overwhelming experience. On the one hand you feel ready to finally get out of the confines of the treatment center, but on

Continue reading "What to Look For When Choosing a Halfway House."

Sep 21, 2016

10 Signs You May be Chemically Dependent to a drug.

Steve Arterburn has the top ten signs of chemical dependence. If you are looking for treatment for a chemical dependence please visit this website: http://www.newlife.com

Continue reading "10 Signs You May be Chemically Dependent to a drug."

Sep 19, 2016

Abusing Alcohol Parents

Abusing Alcohol Parents outlines what parents need to know to help their children avoid alcoholism and drug addiction...

Continue reading "Abusing Alcohol Parents"

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