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Drug Addiction Blog

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This blog discusses news and current topics about drug addiction. It's goal to help you understand the problems and issues related to drug addiction and review new promising treatments for recovery.

Each of us is different

Nobody sets out to become addicted to drugs or expects to deal with drug addiction. Some people may take an illegal drug for the first time, just to have a thrill or be a part of the crowd.

Some people need prescription medication, but over time they begin to take too much, too often. Whatever the case, people certainly do not expect the misery that comes with addiction. But there is help for drug addiction and drug rehabilitation can work.

Addiction Has Many Faces...

Addiction has many faces, none of them pretty. This site is devoted to trying to help find ways for you to recover from addiction.

We designed this site to give useful information that will help people learn to make better decisions. The key to dealing with drug abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction is having the right information. You need information to recognize and understand drug addiction or alcoholism in yourself, your family, your friends and your community. This blog has complete and up to date facts about drug and alcohol abuse to help people to stop their dependence.

We designed this blog to give useful information that will help people learn to make better decisions.

Who are we? is a website built to answer the questions and concerns of those harmed by drug and alcohol addiction and abuse. It’s a collaborative effort between many people and resources so that you receive the most update information available. Our goal is to be independent and not promote one treatment center over another but give you the tools to make a well-informed decision.

We do recommend that everyone suffering from this destructive disease join a 12-Step group either through your local church, AA, or NA. If you are a family member or loved one of an addict we recommend you begin the 12-step process with Al-Anon as soon as you can.

Current Blog Entries

Oct 24, 2014

God is here for me & you and all !!

Okay so I was sober for 14 , almost 15 months . && I messed up for one whole day, the whole day I was smoking ' Meth ' but today I'm NOT. Just by sitting

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Oct 24, 2014

why ?

Why do you do this to me again and again I am your family I am your friend but it just seems you only love it the thing that's turning your life to spit

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Oct 24, 2014

I've never done heroin ,

I've seen people on it, but I've never touched it. My husband use to do it. My sister lives in Mesa Arizona, she's on heroin. My mother tells me my sister

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Oct 24, 2014

Who is the author of this site thank you,! :)

Please I need to know. thank you

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Oct 23, 2014

Why is meth so bad?

I need to know why is meth so bad, it always walks back into my life. Like now, I guess it just takes the pain away. Advice Please ??

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Oct 23, 2014

Meth always happens to walk back in my life!

So I moved to New Mexico with my husband and he got arrested. I messed up, I'm getting high on meth, and I know it's not a good thing to do. But can someone

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Oct 23, 2014

How do I start the process of getting a family member sectioned?

How do I start the process of getting my brother, who is very badly addicted to Oxycodone sectioned? He has been badly addicted to Oxycodone among other

Continue reading "How do I start the process of getting a family member sectioned?"

Oct 23, 2014

Cocaine usage & chemotherapy

I am addicted to cocaine and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I have had surgery but will be be starting chemotherapy within the next 1-2 weeks

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Oct 23, 2014

My story ,

Hello , my names Bethany. I'm 19 years old I'll be 20 next month. Lets start off by saying my mom was and still is a drug addict and my dad as well but

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Oct 23, 2014

Reaching Denial

I have never taken drugs, I never would do but there is reason for that. In 2013 I fell in love with someone who had battled with depression and drug

Continue reading "Reaching Denial"

Oct 22, 2014

Grieving for the Things Lost to Addiction

Growing up I was a good student and daughter. I participated in sports and my local debate team. I took several advanced placement classes throughout high

Continue reading "Grieving for the Things Lost to Addiction"

Oct 21, 2014

Can blood test be useful in determining addiction?

Can blood test be useful in determining addiction?

Continue reading "Can blood test be useful in determining addiction?"

Oct 20, 2014

Really, 10 Percent Drink That Much?

I could see the jaws drop around the room at the annual Wisconsin Chaplaincy Association fall conference. They were reacting to a graphic that Rev. Joe

Continue reading "Really, 10 Percent Drink That Much?"

Oct 18, 2014

Husband is ruining family for pain killers!

My husband had neck surgery in Nov 2013 and he still takes a ton of pain meds and he has gotten to be verbally mean to me. He won't do anything but sit

Continue reading "Husband is ruining family for pain killers!"

Oct 17, 2014

How can I stop my Yaba addiction?

I'm a sevice holder in Dhaka, Mirpur. But I engage in a YABA addition. Now I want to stop it by taking treatment. I have to present every working day from

Continue reading "How can I stop my Yaba addiction?"

Oct 17, 2014

Help my mom please!

My mom is on drugs and she needs help. Not sure what to do. But she was at my sister's house yesterday. She came from Oklahoma to get some stuff out of

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Oct 16, 2014

Community GED student who is looking for a support group

I am the Program Manager of Adult Education in a large homeless facility in Raleigh, NC. I have a community GED student who is looking for a support group

Continue reading "Community GED student who is looking for a support group"

Oct 15, 2014

Drug addiction is often a problem of identity

Here’s something to think about. Drug addiction can be thought of as a problem of identity. The drug takes over to the point where nothing else matters,

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Oct 15, 2014

Drug Addiction Causes much unhappiness and problems.

Drug Addiction Causes explores what happens when a person becomes addicted and will try to help you understand the underlying reasons.

Continue reading "Drug Addiction Causes much unhappiness and problems."

Oct 14, 2014

The tunnel of addiction!

STEP TWELVE: Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to addicts and to practice these principles in

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