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Drug Addiction Blog

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This blog discusses news and current topics about drug addiction. It's goal to help you understand the problems and issues related to drug addiction and review new promising treatments for recovery.

Each of us is different

Nobody sets out to become addicted to drugs or expects to deal with drug addiction. Some people may take an illegal drug for the first time, just to have a thrill or be a part of the crowd.

Some people need prescription medication, but over time they begin to take too much, too often. Whatever the case, people certainly do not expect the misery that comes with addiction. But there is help for drug addiction and drug rehabilitation can work.

Addiction Has Many Faces...

Addiction has many faces, none of them pretty. This site is devoted to trying to help find ways for you to recover from addiction.

We designed this site to give useful information that will help people learn to make better decisions. The key to dealing with drug abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction is having the right information. You need information to recognize and understand drug addiction or alcoholism in yourself, your family, your friends and your community. This blog has complete and up to date facts about drug and alcohol abuse to help people to stop their dependence.

We designed this blog to give useful information that will help people learn to make better decisions.

Who are we?

Drug-Addiction-Support.org is a website built to answer the questions and concerns of those harmed by drug and alcohol addiction and abuse. It’s a collaborative effort between many people and resources so that you receive the most update information available. Our goal is to be independent and not promote one treatment center over another but give you the tools to make a well-informed decision.

We do recommend that everyone suffering from this destructive disease join a 12-Step group either through your local church, AA, or NA. If you are a family member or loved one of an addict we recommend you begin the 12-step process with Al-Anon as soon as you can.

Current Blog Entries

Oct 10, 2015

Step Nine

This page describes Step 9 of the 12-step process actualy making amends to those we've harmed.

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Oct 09, 2015

How to Build Hope in Recovery.

If you’re recovering from addiction, it’s highly important that you develop a habit of hope. Sometimes when new habits and stress management techniques

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Oct 08, 2015

Drug Addiction Facts

Drug Addiction Facts outlines key information about the difficulties and challenges of drug addiction and alcoholism that may be surprising.

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Oct 08, 2015

Recovery Journal Day 14

14 Days Wow. 32 years old. I feel like I just woke up from a 10 year nightmare, longer than that really, Christina would be 30 years old and I probably

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Oct 08, 2015

Why Are We Sending Pregnant Addicts to Jail?

A new Tennessee law, which went into effect in 2014, sends pregnant women to prison for narcotics use. Essentially the law defines that the act of taking

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Oct 07, 2015

Step Eight

This page describes Step Eight of the 12-step process that prepares us to learn how to love others in our life.

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Oct 06, 2015

Stay to help,or leave?

I'm cutting down to the chase. My bf and I have been together 4 years. We had 3 kids of our own(9 all together). I love him but stress, nag and complain

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Oct 06, 2015

Smoking meth for 10 years!

I have smoked meth on and off for 10+ years now. It has taken a long time to get to where i am now, I've been able to stop for 10 months here, 3 months

Continue reading "Smoking meth for 10 years!"

Oct 05, 2015

Addiction Recovery Now

Al-anon helps families learn how to best deal with the terrible problem of addiction, this week on Recovery Now!

Continue reading "Addiction Recovery Now"

Oct 05, 2015

Drink drugs depression

My son is 22 and has hit a bad low and wants to kill himself... drinking daily, weed, coke, homeless. I need him to be sectioned or rehab as it is mentally

Continue reading "Drink drugs depression"

Oct 03, 2015

Step Seven

This page describes Step Seven of the 12-step process helps us to seek God's power to remove our short comings from us.

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Oct 03, 2015

Addiction Step Six

This page describes Step 6 of the 12-step process a step about transformation into the person we become after ending our addiction.

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Oct 02, 2015

Losing everything & gaining it back!

I lost everything due to my drug addiction. I didn't think that I had a problem. I thought I was perfectly fine & normal. I started stealing from my family

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Oct 02, 2015

Addicted to yaba and MUST stop?

I'm addicted to yaba for last 6 months, and I need to stop it! How do I get rid of my yaba addiction without a doctor's help?

Continue reading "Addicted to yaba and MUST stop?"

Oct 01, 2015

My husband says that he has quit using crack?

My husband says he quit using crack after I moved out. I want to believe him. Do you know of any support groups for family members. I live in the Indianapolis

Continue reading "My husband says that he has quit using crack?"

Sep 30, 2015

Daughter using meth again?

My daughter was on probation for meth and is using again. Is there a meeting during the day ? I live in Georgetown, TX.

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Sep 29, 2015

Step Five

This page describes Step Five of the 12-step process, when we admit to God and another what we listed in Step 4.

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Sep 28, 2015

Step Four

This page describes Step 4 of the 12-step process, which is often the most challenging and rewarding step in the 12 step process.

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Sep 28, 2015

I was once in love with a heroin addict!!!

Hi, If anyone reading this is in love with an addict, I can honestly say, I know how you feel. I too, at one point had a heroin addicted boyfriend. I

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Sep 26, 2015


I need to stop...

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and Finally Remember:

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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