Can a long term meth-mom get her kids back ever?

by Deanna

(bonnyville ab)

Its crystal meth and I have been to 3 different rehabs and social services, now have my 4 daughters and with a lawyer even and doing everything they have asked they are not giving my kids back and my kids have also told them they want to come home and nothing.


by: Ned Wicker

Dear Deanna,

I sense that the authorities are looking for consistency in your behavior. The meth is a dreadful destroyer of lives and so often meth users just can’t get their lives straightened out. I am sure the people making the decisions are concerned that your desire for the drug is more powerful than your love for your children.

They miss their mom and you miss them. Let that love for your kids drive your decision making.

You have been in rehab three times, so naturally the authorities look at that and see a “three time loser,” but a mother who loves her children and wants the best for them and herself is not a loser. Your lawyer will do his job, but right now your job is to stay clean, live a healthy lifestyle and keep loving your kids. Once they see a pattern for an extended period they should return your children to you.

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