Crack Addiction Symptoms

Crack Addiction Symptoms

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Crack Addiction Symptoms

Crack Addiction Symptoms

Sometimes the obvious isn’t easy to detect, especially when you’re not looking for it. Crack cocaine is readily available, widely used and because it is smoked, it’s sometimes very hard to notice that a person is getting into trouble. Understand that crack is highly addictive and the high that people are seeking gives them a sense of euphoria, albeit very short-lived.

Can be harder to spot

There are no needle tracks to look for, no runny nose that is so common with snorting cocaine, or are there liquor bottles strewn around the house. The crack is smoked in a glass pipe, unlike the pike used for tobacco. The high is very intense, but it drops in a hurry and one of the possible side-effects of coming down is depression.

Look for the “crash” as one of the Crack Addiction Symptoms

So, one of the first things to look for if you suspect something is going on is the crash. The person may be extremely sad, or irritable, or out of sorts, upset or ill at ease. Crack addicts are constantly seeking another rock to smoke because the high is so brief, but they crave the intensity of the high. They are constantly chasing it. It is not a party drug, so people will use it while they are alone, some even prefer the isolation when the addiction has developed into full bloom.

Suddenly out of money as one of the Crack Addiction Symptoms

Crack is everywhere, even in middle schools. Teenagers are susceptible to the lure of a drug-induced sense of well-bring and strength. As the addiction takes hold, they crave more of the drug, so they are going to spend all of their money buying crack, or they will spend their time planning how they are going to obtain the drug.

When money is short, people will sell their passions, pawn items, or ask to borrow money. It comes as no surprise that some will steal that money, and often times they steal from family and friends without any regard for the value of the relationships they are ruining.

Missing work or school and cast off friends as one of the Crack Addiction Symptoms

Over time, nothing else will matter, but in the early stages a person may miss work and use up sick days. Their work performance may slip, or they will think of excuses to leave the building for a smoke break, only they don’t want a cigarette.

When the drug becomes central to their lives they will cast off old friends in favor of their new, drug-using friends. Addicts will “drop out” an old term from the 1960’s, but they just don’t go to public places, electing to keep a low, private profile.

Learn the lingo

In print, these signs seem clear, but in real life it can be very hard to detect the warnings. Parents, for example, may not understand a conversation filled with lingo. Teenagers are hard to understand anyway. Some of the street names for crack cocaine are: Rock, Coke, Snow, Hard rock, Crunch and munch, Dice or Grit and these are just a few.

VERY angry when asked about use

Here’s a simple clue to possibly uncovering the problem. If you ask a person about their drug use, even gently and in a non-threatening manner, you may get a very negative, angry response. Understand that the addict will likely be in denial, so an extreme response to your concern is a sign.

Look for grandiosity as one of the Crack Addiction Symptoms

When a crack user is under the influence of the drug, one the possible effects is grandiosity. They have big plans because they feel powerful, but those plans are way out of reach, so seem to be a silly pile dream. It’s a sign that something is going on, especially when that behavior is new and out of character for the person. Mood swings are common among users.

Again, then a person is coming down they can display anger, depression and irritability. Users can lose interest in their personal appearance, or they don’t eat, or they sleep too much. It’s sometimes hard to have a rational conversation with a crack user, because they jump from one subject to the next, or they just don’t make sense.

They get hooked very QUICKLY

Because crack cocaine is highly addictive, people can become hooked quickly. The intense high of crack gets people craving the drug and as the disease progresses, the addict will lose interest in everything life has to offer, other than doing the drug. Family members, friends, co-workers can play a huge part in the restoration of addicts by just being observant.

Look for change.

Don’t be afraid to say something.

Be aware of these Crack Addiction Symptoms.

The worst case is you are wrong and there is no problem. However, if you look the other way, the real problems could begin.

That ends our page on Crack Addiction Symptoms, visit our home page for more.

and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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