Drug Addiction Methamphetamine

Drug Addiction Methamphetamine

Drug Addiction Methamphetamine

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Drug Addiction Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine (Meth) is a highly addictive stimulant and is derived from its parent drug, amphetamine, which has limited medical purposes and drug addiction methamphetamine is common among those who use it.

Amphetamines were developed in the 1930’s for use in treating obesity and narcolepsy. In the case of obesity, amphetamine acts to curb appetite. In narcolepsy, a condition that causes excessive daytime sleepiness, amphetamine helps keep the patient awake. Amphetamine is also used in nasal decongestants and bronchial inhalers.

Meth, as we know it today, was once only found in Hawaii and some western states. The drug had been brought in from Asia. But the drug quickly found its way across the country, and statistics show that at least 10 million people have tried methamphetamine at least once.

Drug Addiction Methamphetamine Definition

Methamphetamine is classified as a Schedule II stimulant, meaning it has a high potential for abuse and addiction. It is a powerful central nervous system stimulant and works on the brain and spinal chord.

The drug interferes with the normal function of neurotransmitters, which are natural chemicals produced by nerve cells that communicate with each other to regulate thinking and all body systems. One of those neurotransmitters is called dopamine, which influences our natural reward system.

For example, we do a good job, we feel good about ourselves. We get pleasure from the company of others. We enjoy a soft summer breeze.

Any pleasurable feeling relies on the function of dopamine.

Methamphetamine increases the release of dopamine. That’s why drug addiction methamphetamine is so common. In its legal form, the drug is only available by prescription and those prescriptions cannot be refilled.

A VERY dangerous drug

Methamphetamine is highly addictive because of its pleasurable effect from the increased release of dopamine. Users become addicted quickly and as they continue to abuse the drug, higher doses are needed, and increased frequency of use.

Chronic abuse of this drug, will alter brain function by damaging neuron cell endings. The dopamine and serotonin neurons do not die, but the cell endings are cut back and while cells endings might grow back, that process is limited by the damage.

Drug addiction methamphetamine studies of the human brain have shown apparent changes in the dopamine system, and these changes are responsible for reduced motor skills and impaired verbal learning.

Methamphetamine use also contributes to changes in areas of the brain associated with memory and emotion. Chronic users have experienced serious emotional and cognitive problems directly attributed to drug addiction methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine gets to work quickly, even in small amounts, and persons using it may exhibit some of the following symptoms:

– They may be more active and energetic.

– They may have less appetite.

-Their heart rate may increase or become irregular; their breathing my be more rapid; their blood pressure may rise.

– Rapid heart rate is common, as is irregular heart rate.

– Other side effects are anxiety, irritability, insomnia, tremors, a confused mental state, cardiovascular collapse and even death.

Chronic, long-term use produces anorexia, aggressiveness, paranoia, memory loss, hallucinations and delusional thinking. Long-term Methamphetamine use causes severe dental problems. Methamphetamine use also increases the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

If a user injects the drug, the HIV risk comes from used needles. But the drug is so intoxicating that users may be less inhibited and often engage in unsafe activities, such as unprotected sex.

Methamphetamine users who have HIV, experience an increase in neuro-injury and cognitive impairment, compared to HIV patients who do not use drugs.

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Drug Addiction Methamphetamine Binge and crash

The pleasurable effects of Methamphetamine will wear off before its concentration in the blood is reduced, so users will try to keep the “high” going by taking more.

The powerful lure of the drug keeps the user occupied, often for days, going without food and sleep. This is known as a “run” and that binge leads to a crash. Because of the binge and crash, users lose their sense of reality, as any health concerns are abandoned by the urge for the high. With no sense of time, no awareness of danger, people can literally throw away their lives using this drug.

Made from legal chemicals

The media runs stories from time to time about raids on the small illegal labs that produce methamphetamine. The drug is manufactured using common chemicals that can be purchased legally.

In recent years, for example, there was a crackdown on over-the-counter cough medicine because those legal medications were being used to produce methamphetamine. The portable labs are small and can fit into a suitcase.

Illegal operations are set up in home kitchens, basements, garages, hotel rooms or just about any small, private space. However, the labs are also very dangerous, as explosions are not uncommon. These dangerous manufacturing operations are started because a few hundred dollars in materials can lead to thousands on the street. Those who profit from the misery and misfortune of others figure it’s a risk worth taking.

Street Names

The drug has many street names including meth, speed, crank, chalk, go-fast, zip, tina and cristy.

Methamphetamine hydrochloride is the form of the drug that is smoked, and some of its nicknames include L.A., ice, crystal, 64 glass and quartz.

Bad news, good news

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NASDUH) reported in 2005 about drug addiction methamphetamine, that 10.4 million people aged 12 and older had tried methamphetamine at least once. The rate of annual and 30-day use of the drug had not changed from 2004 to 2005, but the number of people who had tried the drug at least once had declined from 4.9 to 4.3 percent.

There have also been reported dramatic decreases in the illegal methamphetamine labs, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. However, there have been reported increases in the smuggling of larger amounts from Mexico and a much more pure form of the drug.

Methamphetamine and Cocaine Comparison

Drug addiction methamphetamine and cocaine create similar effects, such as an intense “rush” and feelings of euphoria, but they are very different in the way they work in the body.

Cocaine leaves the system rather quickly, as it is metabolized by the body. But, methamphetamine can linger for hours. It stays in the body, unchanged.

Meth stays in the brain longer than cocaine, and therefore the drug is longer-lasting. Both methamphetamine and cocaine cause an increase in the levels of dopamine, but levels of dopamine are higher with meth use, because the nerve cell actions are different.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Methamphetamine is a Stimulant.

Cocaine is a Stimulant and local anesthetic.

Methamphetamine is Synthetic.

Cocaine is derived from an organic substance (leaves of coca plant).

Smoking Methamphetamine produces long-lasting high.

Smoking Cocaine produces a short-term high.

50% of Methamphetamine is removed from the body in 12 hours and increases dopamine release and blocks dopamine re-uptake.

50% of Cocaine is removed from the body in 1 hour.

Methamphetamine has limited medical use.

Cocaine has limited medical use as a local anesthetic for some surgical procedures.

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Me A Meth Addict!!

by Jayson

(Safford, AZ)

Hi my name is Jayson and yes I am a grateful recovering addict. Here we go..

I was born at a early age in Watsonville Cali. We were poor didn’t
have much. Dad killed himself when I was 9. I was molested by the youth
leader in my church a few months later. I had a tough childhood.

was first introduced to meth at the age of 13. My step dad at the time
made me be his driver. Didn’t use at that time but always had it in
my mind. I was one of the top athletes at my age, loved sports. Above
average student in high school.

My sophomore year I meet the
girl of my dreams. Didn’t party or go out. I spent all my time with
her. I excelled in all sports always had a job.

“You see when I
was younger I always said that I want to be a good dad, A dad that mine
wasn’t. And that I’d have money”. And I did.

After I graduated
in 2002 I once again came across meth. I tried it, and I feel in love.
At this time my same girlfriend informed me that we were having my first
daughter. I was so strong out, in and outta jail. My disease had taken
control of my life. I put my girl threw so much stuff.

Over the
next 7 years we were blessed with 3 more kids. But that didn’t stop
me. I had lost everything cars, houses, family, my wife countless times.
Yes, after all I put her threw she still married me. She finally had
had enough and left me in 2010.

I had nothing. I was homeless at
26 lost all my top teeth. My life was unmanageable. I was powerless
over my disease. I hadn’t seen my kids in 6 months. I hit rock bottom

I dropped to my knees and begged for someone or something to help.

July 1, 2010 I put the pipe down. I checked myself into the Salvation
Army Rehabilitation Center. I then heard about the 12 Steps and found
out that recovery was possible. People just like me have been recovering
from drugs and alcohol for years and years.

Finally, I had
something to believe in, which has led me on a journey of recovery that
has brought me a life of serenity and confidence.

There was so
much information to learn, and I became willing to do whatever necessary
to stay clean and sober. After going to meetings and speaking with
people in recovery, I found out that I would have to surrender my will
over to a Power greater than myself.

In meetings, I heard over and over to stay “Honest, Open-minded, and Willing”.

the days had progressed in my early recovery, everything started to
make sense. I told myself that I needed to apply the suggestions in my
own recovery, and, by doing so, I would surely recover. I found the
courage to surrender my will over to a Power greater than myself. After
doing so, the journey of self-discovery, enlightenment, awareness, and
spiritual growth commenced.

I finally found the missing link
that had been missing from my life – a God of my understanding. I was
able to let go of my past, and forgive those who harmed me. From the
moment I’ve accepted God into my life, I have been truly set free from a
life of active addiction and alcoholism.

Higher Power, who I choose to call Jesus Christ, has given me the life
that I had always dreamed of. I can truly say today that I live a life
beyond my wildest dreams. Today, not only do I live a life that’s free
of drugs and alcohol, but I also live a life that’s full of serenity,
hope, faith, peace, and success. None of this would have been possible
without turning my will over to a God of my understanding.

I surrendered to God, I continued to follow the suggestions of the 12
Step program. I started working the Steps, and going to meetings. I
found out that I wasn’t alone on this journey in recovery. Fellow
addicts and alcoholics were right beside me with open arms and open

I’ve discovered that the 12 Step program really does
work. Daily, I put forth the courage to always strive forward. The
personal growth and spiritual enlightenment that has resulted is
phenomenal. I am amazed of the life I am able to live today, and how far
I’ve come out of the depths of self-destruction.

From working a
good program of recovery, I no longer crave drugs or alcohol. I have
been set free from a life of chaos and destruction. I am not perfect by
no means. I don’t go to as many meetings as I should but when I need a
meeting I am there.

Today, I try to give back what has been so
freely given to me. It is now my lifelong goal to spread the message of
hope and strength that has saved my life. You too can recover, and live
a life that you’ve always dreamed of. By following the suggestions of
the program, we will stay clean and sober together.

open-mindedness, and willingness are the first steps to success.
Surrender is the next crucial step that will lead us on a journey of
self-discovery and enlightenment that will truly set us free.

having the courage to step forth in faith, we will be greatly rewarded
with a life that’s full of serenity and hope. No longer do we have to be
bound by the deadly grips of addiction or alcoholism. These 12 steps,
this program, all those I met along the way saved my life and showed me
there was hope. Life is so much better on gods side.

Today I
am over a year clean and in control. I am still married to the love of
my life. I am a great dad to my 3 girls and son. I am a living miracle
and proof that there is hope.

Finding a God of our understanding
will enable us to fully enjoy the wonderful gifts of the program. I
hope that everyone can live and enjoy a life that’s free of drugs and
alcohol. Good luck to all, and to all a good recovery.

God bless!

Amen, Brother!

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Jayson,

Your story is an inspiration to anyone
out there who is struggling, who can’t find a way out of the hole and
who truly wants to get his life back. You are living proof that God,
through the 12 Step process, puts people back on the path to a clean and
healthy lifestyle, with the blessings of a good woman and loving

I am pleased for you, but more importantly, I am excited about the life you have in front of you.

is interesting, yet at the same time so profoundly sad, is how we can
get so crazy, to the point of throwing everything away for getting high.
We chase the high, but we can never catch it. It’s a meaningless,
empty existence. You are one of the success stories, a person who came
to the realization that his life was coming to an end. You came back.

are in a unique position to reach out and help others. The voice of
experience is so very powerful, but sadly there will always be those who
refuse to listen. They will look at you and scoff. They will make the
same mistakes and suffer the same consequences, or worse. But do keep

God has given your life back to you, so rejoice in that
and love your family every day. Every day is precious and you are
blessed. Thanks for sharing your story.


by: Tucker

Wow you really touched my heart.Thank you so much 4 sharing.

That concludes are section on Drug Addiction Methamphetamine visit our home page for complete coverage or visit Meth Addiction Facts.

and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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