by Max

(South Africa )

Hi My Wife uses some kind of drug(White Powder), because she has this regular tummy pains ,she illuminates a lot of mood swings, back pains and has no patients what’s so ever.

We have a 3 year old son. I am busy fighting for my son in the high court as I write this e-mail to you. What can we do?

She says that she doesn’t have a problem and she drinks as well.

Protect Your Children

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Max,

It is very difficult to take any positive action when you suspect your wife is abusing a drug. Addicts will always deny they have a problem and their problem is made into your problem. You went to the courts to fight for your son, but your wife still has the problem.

She needs to get into treatment and the first step you might want to consider is getting her to a doctor for a physical examination. What is she taking? How long? What is her general health condition? How has she changed?

You can work with the doctor, or a local treatment center and try to get her some help.

I hope you are successful in protecting your son. Children need their mother, so I hope she can be helped.


by: Lynette

Hi Max-Greetings to you in South Africa-

My personal opinion would be for you to get a lawyer, if you don’t already have one.

This sounds like a very difficult situation for you and your son. I know it must be painful, too and I sympathize with you.

It seems like you would have to have some evidence that your wife is using drugs illegally and that she has a drinking problem, but I’m not an expert. I don’t know if you have Al Anon meetings there but it is a group for people who are family and friends of alcoholics and drug addicts. There you would meet people with the same or similar problems. If not, maybe you could find a similar group or talk to a counselor about it.

You may also be able to order Al Anon literature on the internet. I know Al Anon has helped me tremendously! My son has been a drug addict for 13 years.

Good luck to you and I’ll pray for you.

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