Friend addicted to crack?

by William

I have a friend who was addicted to crack cocaine recently. She was in the hospital because she weighed 80 lbs. She didn't sleep or eat. It's all about the crack.

She stayed clean for maybe a week. I know she is using cocaine again. Not sure about crack?? I know this because she has been very distant lately and hanging out with other drug users.

She recently has had 2 friends die of heroin overdose so I worry she will get into that as well. She is 18 and a beautiful woman. I fear now she is prostituting herself for the drugs. She has gained weight over this time but I think that is short lived.

Should I get her family involved even though they don't know me? She has a lot of emotional pain from her mother leaving the family when she was 14.

What do I do?

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Very difficult situation
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear William,

I so very sorry that your friend is addicted to crack. Crack/cocaine addiction is a disease of the brain that attacks the brain and changes it so that the addict can only focus on the drug and little else.

You said your friend "was" addicted to crack but once you are addicted there is no cure and you are always addicted. That means that she "is" addicted to crack cocaine and will be for the rest of her life. This means that once your friend begins using crack or cocaine the brain immediately changes back to how it was when she was using before and she is a full blown addict again.

I would highly recommend that you talk with her family and let them know everything that has gone on and what you're concerned is happening right now.

I would also recommend that you start attending Al-anon meetings and working the 12 steps and also getting your friend to start attending AA/NA meetings DAILY. If she begins working the 12 steps it may help her to see a path toward sobriety.

Your friend is in a fight for her life so anything you can do to help her to understand the seriousness of her addiction is a good idea. Don't allow her to deny it or hide it from her family.

Good Luck,


by: William

Her family does know about her addiction. I just don't know how much they have tried to help her???

I would still talk with them
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear William,

I would still talk with her family and make sure they are aware of what is currently going on. Also, you could all go to Al-non meetings together to figure out what to do for her and how to help her to get out of the trap she's currently in.

Her family may be in denial about how bad the situation is or conversely, they may have given up on her because they think there is nothing they can do. Al-anon will help in either one of those situations.

Good Luck,


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