Friend is a junky?

by Jo

(London, UK)

Hi, I live in England and have a very good friend living in France. He was a junkie and has told me he has been clean for 10 years. His family all believe he is clean so this may be the case.

The reason I am worried is that I stay with him sometimes for two or three weeks at a time. He works very hard during the week and has two children.

When he gets home from work he is quite uncommunicative and goes straight to his room. He stays there for at least two or three hours, then when he joins everyone again he is very mellow and happy and in a good, sociable mood. This routine cannot be interrupted, even if he has guests round for a meal and they are waiting to see him. I don’t know what he does when he is in his room.

His home has a sort of sharp, sweet smell sometimes and he always asks me to bring Detol over from the UK, He says he like it for cleaning the loo and can’t get it in France. He is always complaining that he has no money but he works very long hours and has no mortgage. He also owns a property in the UK which brings in rent so he can’t be that broke.

I am not sure if he is still taking heroin or a substitute and am not really sure how to tell. I am obviously suspicious about his behaviour but don’t know if I am just being paranoid because I know his history.

I would be glad for some advice.

Thank you

More Information

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Jo,
I can understand your concern, especially since there is a history of heroin use. The detrol is used for urinaty flow problems, and in some cases, has been used as I understand for MS patients. It can make people drousey, so they warn not to use it if you need to be alert.

If his life seems to be under control, he pays his bills and takes care of his children, he may be fine. The two or three hour routine after work is interesting and maybe you can, through observation, unlock a secret there. If his family says he’s fine and there is no evidence to the contrary, you need to collect more data.

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