Help, grandson asked me for Help.

by Terry
(Fort Gratiot Mi US)

My Grandson told me he has a addiction problem with pain killers, he asked me if I could find him help as he wants to stop and get better.

He has no insurance and I do not know where to start to help him. I already lost my son to this problem in 2005 and I don't want to lose my grandson also.

He has not had any treatment, he is 23 and the father of 3. He is sick to his stomach and very weak feeling. He is losing his temper with his wife and mother. He can't sit still and I think he is very very depressed.

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Free help is available!
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Terry,

It sounds like your grandson is opiate addicted and also suffering from a severe depression; both of which are extremely serious and must be treated.

He is probably sick most of the time because he is going into opiate withdrawal and suffering from the initial symptoms.

It sounds like he has admitted to you that he is having a problem and that is SO IMPORTANT! Many, many people NEVER admit they have a problem and helping them often becomes almost impossible.

There is free help available for your grandson if he chooses to accept it. Both TEEN Challenge and the Salvation Army offer free drug and alcohol treatment programs that he can attend.

Here is the information on a Teen Challenge Young Adult program in Michigan:

Life Challenge of Southeastern Michigan- Flint Campus
Adult Center (Male) - Induction/Training
17667 Pierson
Detroit, Michigan 48219
(810) 424-9039

There is also one in Detroit if that's more convenient for him.

I know that going somewhere for treatment is difficult but is usually the most effective because it gets the addict totally out of their community and away from the dealers and people who encourage them to use.

Teen Challenge is an EXCELLENT organization and can certainly help your grandson with both of his problems.

You should also begin attending Al-anon meetings in your area. They will know everything available to help you and your grandson fight this terrible disease.

They can also help you to learn what will help your grandson and how to avoid making his problem worse.

Good Luck!


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