How long before I will begin to feel normal once I stop using heroin?

How long does it take for you body to start to feel normal after stopping heroin?

I was addicted to heroin; I stopped not even 2 weeks ago; took pieces of Suboxone for about a week.

Now I'm out of Suboxone, can't sleep, eat, feel run down, and I've got the sweats?

What can I do to gain energy and be able to eat?

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Never self-medicate Suboxone
by: Debbie Wicker

Glad to hear that you're trying to stop using heroin. Opiate withdrawal can be difficult and frustrating, but must be endured as part of your recovery from heroin addiction.

It is a VERY bad idea to self-medicate with Suboxone from the street. Suboxone has very different withdrawal issues than heroin and does cause the symptoms you're describing.

Many people who self-medicate with Suboxone end up addicted to Suboxone rather than heroin because they can't get over the withdrawal symptoms.

If the symptoms you're describing are being caused by Suboxone, they can last for months.

I recommend that you go to an addiction counselor and have them help you to detox from the Suboxone. They may give you the correct dose and then SLOWLY ween you off of it so that you avoid the nasty withdrawal symptoms you're experiencing.

I also recommend you begin attending NA or AA meetings daily at different times and locations so that you can get information to help you continue your heroin/Suboxone addiction recovery. Find meetings that you like and that are working the 12 steps.

Also, find a sponsor who has been through opiate withdrawal and addiction recovery so that they can get you the information you need to stay clean.

Good Luck!

In the early days
by: Anonymous

I have been off heroin now for 50 days (yay)! Things that helped me are a lot of multivitamins, minerals, Valerian root for sleep, forcing yourself to get up everyday, even if it's just to take a shower.

Sit in the sun for 30 min everyday and you CAN do this!!! Make sure you aren't doing it alone. As shameful as the big secret is, people who love you WILL stick by you and offer support.

Good luck, you can do it :)

I'm loosing the battle!
by: Perfect hider


It's day 2 and I'm off heroin and on subs. I feel like I'm going to die. How long with it take to feel normal on the subs? I feel like I'm in withdrawal without the sweats is this normal when you start subs? I'm on 16mg a day.

Go back to your doctor to get the full support you need!
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Perfect hider,

Consider going back to your doctor and switching to Subutex to see f that might relieve some of your negative symptoms.

On the website is states:

"Subutex, like Suboxone contains the same main ingredient Buprenorphine, which works to reduce and eliminate opiate withdrawals, yet Subutex does not contain Naloxone. And this may be why some users feel much better on Subutex than on Suboxone.

"The reason being is because the Naloxone within the Suboxone can make it difficult for the brain to restore endorphin and serotonin levels back to its normal state. Some people are hypersensitive to Naloxone and that’s one of the reasons why they remain depressed, even while on Suboxone.

"Furthermore, Naloxone can cause headaches and nausea for some people when using Suboxone. Subutex however, contains only Buprenorphine which is a pain reliever/feel good drug and this may be the reason why many users feel much better when using Subutex instead of Suboxone – because Subutex does not contain Naloxone.

"Subutex also comes in 2mg and 8mg strengths. And although Subutex is readily available in the U.S., you would have to ask your doctor for Subutex instead of Suboxone. And you can use the argument of Naloxone and depression to win your case. But if your doctor knows that you’re shooting up heroin then the chances of your doctor prescribing you Subutex over Suboxone are slim to none.

"In fact, here in the US, most doctors will insist on prescribing Suboxone over Subutex to deter you from shooting up the medication. However, in Europe and in the UK, Subutex is more commonly available and prescribed as well.

"NOTE: If you’re going to see a doctor then you may be better off asking for "generic Buprenorphine" instead of Suboxone or Subutex. It’s much cheaper and it won’t contain Naloxone."

So please go to a doctor and let them help you to manage your withdrawal symptoms better to help you to avoid relapse.

Heroin addiction ATTACKS your brain and doesn't allow you to reason normally and controls your thoughts and emotions until you get it out of your system.

Allow the Suboxone and/or Subutex to work so that you never have to go through this again.


How long untill I feel normal?
by: Anonymous

I was an heroin addicted for about 2-3 years before that was on oxy 30s for cancer and then chronic pain. I’m a month and a half clean and still going through withdraws? I’m in so much pain yet I’m trying as hard as hell not to take anything?

Does anyone got any advise on this?

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