If I’d Only Known

I was twenty one years old. I didn’t have the perfect past, and I had been smoking weed, but I wasn’t addicted to weed and alcohol to the extent where I couldn’t go without it. I thought at onetime that I had problems, but the problems I thought I had were the least of my worries.

I snorted cocaine for the first time when I was 21. I’m gonna tell you how fast I hit rock bottom, but just to let you know. I snorted my first line in March of that year, and one year later to the exact month, I was using any and every time I could get my hands on it.

If I was broke, I would steal, lie, and cheat my way into getting coke. But going back, I did coke my first time at a party that was at. That night I snorted all night long, and spent about a hundred and fifty dollars. Now with that being my first time, I should have known that I was in for problems if I kept doing it. I loved it. I thought I had hit the jackpot.

I thought that if coke made me feel like that first time high every time that I would do it for a long time. But that first time high is the trick in the hat. That high is exactly what puts the hook in your mouth, and for the ones who love it the first time, they’re in for a ride, but the lucky ones never try it again. I wasn’t so luck. After that night I dove in head first.

It was a few months before I did it again, but after the second time, I met a guy who sold. That was a very bad thing. That enabled me to get it when I wanted and I didn’t have to get it through a friend. After I met my first dealer, it was on in full speed. In a matter of months, I was craving it. I started stealing money from my parents. I would lie constantly about where I was, and why I always sniffed.

My family was from the old school, so they didn’t know anything about drugs except maybe weed. But eventually they began to figure out that something was very wrong. I was spending money with nothing to show for it. My eating and sleeping habit’s had changed. My personality had even changed. My family began to ask questions. I would lie every time they would ask me about the things that had changed in my life.

After a few times of asking me, they put so much pressure on me, that I told them I had been smoking weed. Being the people they were, with no knowledge on drugs, they had no idea that weed was very much cheaper than coke. The amount of control and power that cocaine has should have opened my eyes at the beginning.

I didn’t enjoy using coke as much as I enjoyed smoking weed, but because of addiction I would stop. At the end of my addiction I knew either two things were going to have to happen for me to stop. I either was going to die from using, or I was going to have to just stop.

Coming down off of coke is a very unpleasant feeling. Your body is trying to get back to normal, and you feel anxiety. I was paranoid. And with me, the comedown was more extreme for me then for others. The come down didn’t bother some people like it did me. That was another obvious sign for me to quit. But cocaine is a demon. It was created in the hands of the devil himself. And the signs are all around you. They are there during your addiction.

But the warning signs are like the angel on one shoulder, and cocaine is the devil on the other. And you either fall for addiction, or you choose life. There are no cocaine addicts who are old people. The people who used coke in the 70s are either dead or they got off of it. It will eventually kill you, and I don’t think that drug, and it’s effects and high is worth dying over.

Be smart and stay far away. It appears to be awesome and exciting, but once it has you, it’s not as easy to put it down.


by: Anonymous

First things first dude i hope ur off that stuff and doing good. Seriously, I’m high off of coke right now. And let me say before I start rambling that I’m 20 years old and I’ve been doing coke for ab 6 months now.

I’m not addicted but I’ve done 5 grams already tonight and my come down is so extreme too! When I snort it i do it socially but only for that first high. I suck down as many cigs as I can.

But man I just found this cause like i said I’m trippin right now and I was looking up stories ab how much coke u should do in a night. Somehow I came across this and we r pretty much the same when it comes to smoking and drinking and coke.

But I can only do it when I can get it which is every blue moon. But I do soooo much cause i feel so amazing until now. I’m sitting on my couch tryna calm myself down. This drug is NOT TO BE screwed with.

Sorry ab my language but that’s me being real. I’m a smart girl and I was raised better than that… Anybody else who reads this. PLZ you could mess your life up in every aspect, looks, money, school, ur mind. Jus smoke some green…

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