I’m a drug addict convicted level 3 sex offender!

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I’m a drug addict convicted level 3 sex offender!

by Craig

(Waltham, MA)

Please, I’m a drug addict convicted level 3 sex offender in Waltham MA.

My name is Craig and my birthday is 05-18-1970 my social security number -033-XX-88XX.

I beat and pump out Karen on the street for money.

I deal drugs and smoke crack all the time.

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Please What?

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Craig,

The first word of your message is PLEASE? I thought about it and wondered what you are requesting? Please help me, please stop me, please arrest me, please know who I am, please help me to be someone else? I’m not sure what you’re requesting?

It’s difficult for me to respond to your plea because the only thing I know about your situation are very bad things about you. I suspect that you really don’t like who your are and what you’ve become but you have no idea how to end the downward cycle that you’re on.

Crack is likely destroying your brain and, in turn, your life. Because crack is attacking your brain you have been transformed into a dangerous and violent person that you don’t like and who does things that you never in a million years thought you would do.

I believe that all of us can turn our lives around at any moment if we CHOOSE to. Right now cocaine is controlling you and you need to find a way to get control back of your life. I think you know that cocaine is your problem, which is why you’ve posted on a site about drug addiction.

We are given a new day every morning and we can choose to begin to turn our lives into what we want our lives to be. Each day we can begin to make a different choice.

I recommend that you begin going to AA or NA meetings immediately, and go to 90 meetings in 90 days. The important thing at the beginning is being willing to just go. Initially, going to meetings is a place to start but as you attend day after day you begin to understand yourself and your addiction MUCH better and can hopefully begin the process of changing your life back to the way you want it one day at a time.

Please go to AA and work the 12 steps EVERY day. The steps will work for us if we work them.

Here is a list of meetings is Waltham:

Meeting Location:

First Parish Church

50 Church St

02452 Waltham , MA

Meeting Day:


Meeting Time:






I would start by going to this meeting tomorrow night and then find other meetings in your area. Change is possible if you are will to take this small first step.

Good Luck,



by: Jerry

I am lost for words. It sounds to me like your proud of who you are. Ok I get that you’re crackhead, but why would you come right out and say you are a sex offender like your proud of it!?

My opinion is that there is no help for people like you!!! I doubt that this will post, Debbie will probably reject it. I feel the only way to help a sick, twisted person that preys on the weak and sexually assaulted, someone should be taken out back and shot!!! Problem solved…

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and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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