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Inmate wife

by Ali
(New Jersey)

Good evening, I can't give you my name but I'm sleepless in the Bronx. I have known my husband for 28 years he went away when I was 15 years old for murder. He was older than me, I got reacquainted with him in 2010 we started writing each other and I went too vist him in 2015.

We got married and I and, as time moved on, I noticed that he start doing different things out of the ordinary. He started lying, his nose was running all the time and he said he had a cold.

Then one day, the breaking point, I found out he was on heroin in the jail. Mind you he didn't admit it too me what so ever. I'm heart broken, he wanted me too bring it in the jail. Kept asking me and I told him no and now that I refuse to bring it in, he's treating me real bad and very nasty towards me.

I never had a drug addiction and I really don't know what to do, please give me advice?

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You've made a good choice!
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Ali,

Heroin is an addiction that attacks the brain and turns us into different people. Likely, your husband is treating you badly because all he can think about is getting his next fix of heroin. Heroin addiction is a disease of the brain that is often FATAL if left untreated. Giving your husband heroin is the WORST thing you can do for him. If he doesn't stop using he is likely to die from this terrible disease.

I highly recommend you start going to Al-anon meetings in your area. Al-anon teaches us about addiction and helps us to understand the best way to get our loved one the help they need to end this horrible disease.

Go to Al-anon meetings and begin working the 12 steps. Once your working the 12 steps, try to get your husband to join a 12 step group in jail. That's the best way for him to end his addiction and to regain control of his life.

Good luck,


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- Matthew 7:7-8

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