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About Morphine Abuse: Cocaine Addiction CausesMorphine Abuse causes and is caused by many problems including:
– Unhappiness– Crime- Divorce- Major illness- Even deathWhat are the underlying causes of Morphine Abuse? When we take drugs, either for medical purposes or recreation, there is a benefit or reward that we are trying to achieve. For example pain Prescription is intended to bring relief to an injured or stressed area of our body. The beginning stages of Morphine Abuse causes us to crave more and to use more. The unintended consequences of that is our need to take more and more of the Prescription to get the same result. Morphine Abuse causes the pathways inside the brain to be altered. Physical changes in the nerve cells are brought on by the drug. These cells (neurons) communicate with each other releasing neurotransmitters into the gaps or synapses between the nerve cells. This makes some drugs are more addictive than others. There are several other factors that contribute to Morphine Abuse. We’ll go into greater detail on another page, but for now the major factors are one’s genetic makeup, personality and peer pressure. Again we’ll explain these as we go along. What Are The Risk Factors?

Genetic/Inherited We are all a product of our parents. If your parents have addiction struggles, chances are you are more susceptible to addiction. That’s why Morphine Abuse is more common in some families than in others. If your parents smoke, chances are good you will smoke. If your parents used alcohol, you’ll probably follow and use that Prescription in much the same way. If your father was an alcoholic, you have a predisposition to abusing that drug. Morphine Abuse causes one generation to pass it on to the next. Personality Aside from the inherited factors, some people have a personality that is more likely to become Prescription dependent.

– People are curious, so that alone can lead a person to try a drug. We experiment and see what happens. – We are looking to relax and have pleasure. – We all want to feel good, and we’re by nature impatient. Drugs give us an instant gratification that other things do not, so for that moment or hour of for whatever timeframe, we feel good. – We want what we want. – Someone diagnosed with depression, attention deficit disorder, or hyperactivity.- Maybe there has been some stress, or anxiety in their life. Whatever the case, these are contributing factors.Even some common personality characteristics, such as aggression, may be a factor. Children who do not have confidence, healthy self-esteem may be prone to turning to drugs to fill the void. Morphine Abuse causes negative changes in personality that can lead to an even more destructive behavior. Peer Pressure/Social

We are all wired to have relationships, and sometimes those relationships cause us to give in to soHeroining we otherwise would avoid in order to maintain the relationship. Peer pressure is huge and nowhere is this greater than during our teenaged years. Kids want to be cool. It begins as a social action, to take the drugs to be a part of the group, to be accepted. It’s not just teenagers, as peer pressure takes so many different forms. There is social etiquette, for example, to take a drink during a party. “I’m a social drinker.” How many times have you heard that? Some people actually believe that Morphine Abuse causes you to be accepted and part of the ‘popular’ group. Easy Access If you want to get drugs, you won’t have to look far because they are everywhere. High school students can tell you this. Morphine Abuse causes people to sell drugs to the most vulnerable population, children. It’s not just the stereotypical poor sections of the inner city that serve as the hotbed for drugs. Drugs are found in suburban shopping malls, rural schools, well-to-do private school, on the job in factories, offices and remote job sites. Race, Ethnicity We include this heading because we want to stress that there is no data to support any claim that one race of people or any particular cultural group is more prone to Morphine Abuse than another. Morphine Abuse is a human problem and crosses all boundaries. Morphine Abuse causes do not include race. Loneliness, Depression We want to feel good physically and emotionally. Sometimes drugs are the substitution for a healthy life experience. The person in pain and they want to numb the pain. The Prescription numbs the pain and for a moment they don’t feel as poorly. The person needs to escape the pain of the life experience, and for a short while, the Prescription takes them away and they feel “better.” Anxiety Sometimes people need some help coping with life. Everyday life becomes a struggle and simple things become too much to handle. Drugs are used to deal with it. In the case of addiction, we are not talking about the use of Prescription, under the care and observation of a doctor. People who have been clinically diagnosed with anxiety can lead a very good life. We’re talking here about people who just need to escape. Their Prescription of choice facilitates that escape. Types of Morphine Abuse When talking about causes and factors leading to Morphine Abuse, it is necessary to take a moment and look at the various types of drugs. As we mentioned before, these all have their characteristics. Cannabis Compounds: The most common Prescription in this category is Prescription, which produces a high for the user. Go to Morphine Abuse causes Prescription

Depressants: Alcohol is the most common depressant, as everything slows, as evidenced by the documented testing of people’s reflexes while driving a car under the influence.For more about Morphine Abuse depressionStimulants: Amphetamine come to mind quickly, but a more common stimulant is nicotine.
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Hallucinogens: Prescription was a popular Prescription in the 1960’s
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Designer Drugs: Prescription is popular with the rave set.For more information on Prescription click hereOpiates: Heroin and Cocaine lead the list here.
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Morphines: Glue sniffing or the improper use of other common, store-bought chemicals for the purpose of getting high is an everyday occurrence.
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Read these five pages and learn what you need to know to spot Morphine Abuse in: Yourself… Your Family… Your Friends… Your Community…The rest of the pages are there for your reference to explain important topics in more detail.

Finally don’t miss the Spiritual and 12-step sections to fully explore how understanding THE SPIRIT can lead to recovery!

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