My life

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My life

by Kayla

(Ohio )

I’m 16, my parents divorced two years ago. When they were together… the were both addicted to pills. But the both had a plan and their plans didn’t match, so they went their separate ways.

My mom is addicted to meth, and my dad is addicted to heroin. I would have never thought they’d just up and leave up, but they’re gone.

I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters… we’re all being fostered at the moment and when schools out were getting adopted and moving to Florida. Addiction is a deep and ugly disease.

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Addiction is ugly!

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Kayla,

Words seem so inadequate to express my sadness for you and your entire family. Addiction grabs a hold of a person and stops them from being the person they want to be.

Hopefully you can be strong and help your brothers and sisters survive as well as possible during this very traumatic move and readjustment.

If you have the chance I would HIGHLY recommend that you begin attending Al-ateen meetings to meet other people your age who are experiencing the horrors of addiction. Group support from others, who have been where you’re at, can be VERY beneficial.

You need to find as much positive support as you can to be able to get through this terrible time and help hold your family together as much as possible.

May God bless you and your family,


“My Life”

by: Jerry

I am horrified to read your story. It saddens my heart to have read what has happened with you and your siblings. Addiction is a horrifying disease that unfortunately affects everyone involved, either directly or indirectly! I’m lost for words because I know that you all are very traumatized by this!

I do want to encourage you to keep your head high and remember that no matter what do not blame yourselves. I have seen other people with a similar situation were the children blamed themselves. They put so much blame on themselves that they had fallen victim to this horrific disease.

I also want to point out that your parents did do a terrible thing by choosing their drugs over their children but remember that it wasn’t totally their fault, because addiction is a powerful disease that takes control over the best of us. I am not trying to make up any excuses for their actions, that is the last thing I am trying to do.

Please take this and learn from this and you and your siblings lean on each other and support each other and I pray that none of you fall victim which I don’t believe any of you will because you have seen it first hand to what kind of misery drug abuse brings.

Pray for you parents and don’t hold any hatred or any anger in your heart because that will just cause you trouble in the long run. I pray that they will see their wrongdoings and seek recovery and make amends with you all. I know it will take a lot time to heal your broken heart. My prayers and best wishes go out to you and your siblings, stay strong and be positive and stick together and you will be fine!!!

Good Luck,

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