Narcotics Anonymous saved my life!

by Ashley

I have had an addiction to drugs and alcohol for about 5 years now.

I first went to rehab 2 years ago for cocaine and marijuana. I thought I hit my rock bottom than but without going to AA and NA meetings, getting a sponsor, and working the steps I was unable to make it.

Here it is 2 years later and I am back in rehab again for having an addiction to meth. To me meth is the devils drug and it literally makes me sick to my stomach when I think of all the pain I caused my family.

I currently only have 2 months clean but I have a home group, sponsor, and I am working the 12 steps.

Without Narcotics Anonymous in my life I know I would be dead.

Narcatics Anonymous saved my life!

by: Lynette

Dear Ashley,

I am so glad you are in recovery! I am a recovering alcoholic and I have not had alcohol for 25 years. Alcoholic Anonymous meetings definitely helped me A LOT.

My son is a drug addict. He got out of jail one year ago and, after 13 years, was trying to be clean. He succeeded for 7 months and we were so happy. But, he started doing too many things-working, going to college…and he relapsed and is now back in jail.

He HAD been going to Alcoholic Anonymous meetings and N.A. meetings and had a sponsor but was lagging off on using both of them. Thank goodness he has a drug and alcohol counselor come to see him twice a week, goes to church and has a job and is not giving up on his recovery.

So, my point is, to NEVER get lax about your N.A. meetings and being in contact with your sponsor. Also, call other people from the meetings if you can. A counselor and a clergy to talk to could be very helpful, too. I know they are to me.

Good luck, keep up the good work and I’ll say a prayer for you.-Lynette

The Right Path

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Ashley,

You go girl!! Congratulations on your two months of being clean. You have taken a very strong first step and it’s good that you have the help and support of NA. Outstanding people.

Be honest, open and willing and the 12 Steps will serve your beyond your imagination. All the best.

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