Need intervention!

by Shannon


I’m just wondering if I could have some information on helping out with an intervention on my 27 year old sister who is currently taking drugs?

I have already contacted you once and received an email attached to a link but never heard anything after that.

Costs an Issue

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Shannon,

Sometimes an intervention and subsequent treatment can be pretty costly, but I would recommend you calling Al-Anon and getting their take on your situation.

You can also contact a local treatment center (just Google drug treatment and your town) and I am sure they too will have guidance for you. Your family should have a meeting and get everyone on the same page.

Do not let your sister divide and conquer, as I am sure she will not admit to a problem. Your family is important, so gather them together and have a family conference.

Together, with the help of a professional, you can help your sister.

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