Niece using meth thinks I do not know.

My niece is doing meth or something and thinks that I do not know she is lying to me about using anything. What should I do?

Hard to be an Aunt or Uncle

by: Ned Wicker

Aunts and uncles have a difficult job sometimes, because you see what’s going on and maybe your brother or sister are clueless. I suppose I’d take a chance and share your observations with your brother and sister and tell them your concerns about your neice.

If your niece is lying to them (and I think she is if she lies to you) then they might deny any problems. If they suspect as you do that she is using, then you can, as a family, band together and form a plan to get her into treatment.

You might consult with Al-Anon and get some ideas from them. You aren’t alone, so there are people there who understand your concerns and can give you practival solutions. As a family, you can have positive influence on her to get help.

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