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i just admitted my husband to serenity 28 day program in Commerce City Colorado for rehab from crack. Unable to get him in other affordable programs at this time. Does anybody have any info on how this program works. He called me 1 hour ago and told me he goes to 1 AA meeting a week. Really????

Be Smart, Be Inbformed

by: Ned Wicker

The 28-day Serenity Program does include the 12 Step process. It is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach and CBT can be very effective. They require that people be free of drugs and alcohol in their system BEFORE entering into the 28-day program, which makes sense because it is not a detoxification facility.

Those who are members in AA will often tell you that the meetings are the single most important aspect of their recovery. Have you ever heard of the 90 in 90? That means 90 meetings in 90 days, and often that is the basis for a successful recovery. The idea of someone in treatment only going to one meeting a week is rather strange to me.

Here’s my suggestion to you– ask questions of the staff and stay involved with your husband’s treatment. I’m not saying you have to be there on site, but be aware of what is going on and how they are helping him. By being informed, you are in the loop and can be a positive influence when he returns home. Remember, addiction is a family disease, so everyone is involved.

Secondly, get some help and support for yourself. Al-anon is an excellent resource for you, because it is designed to help wives just like you. It’s members are those who have walked a mile or more in your shoes, so they understand and they know what needs to be done to be of help. Churches will also have recovery programs that can be a help.

Programs like “Celebrate Recovery” are very effective in addressing not only the medical issues, but the spiritual issues underlying the substance use disorder.

Books like Joe Herzanek’s “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” are also very helpful in informing loved ones of the factors that go into the disease. It’s important for you to be “street smart” and understand the disease, so you are not enabling, or allowing yourself to be manipulated when he struggles.

The best defense for you is a good offense.


by: Jay

Hi I went to the Salvation Army Rehabilitation center it did wonders. It is a 6 month program and it’s free. You go to 2 meetings a day.

Going to this place was the best decision I ever made. Today I got my 18 months and couldn’t of done it without the 12 steps and third program.

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