Surrounded by love, just cannot stop drinking!

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Surrounded by love, just cannot stop drinking!

by Ned Wicker


You could not have gotten another person in Melody’s hospital room if you tried, and between the people around the bed and the coats and jackets strewn around the room, there was no place to stand or walk.

It was a couple of days before New Years and Melody, along with a handful of friends, decided to party a little early this year. She was no stranger to drinking enormous qualities of vodka, but she had not binged for a while. In fact, she had been on her best behavior since going through treatment.

No longer fun!

Going on a binge might be a part of the college culture, but when the habit continues into one’s 30’s and 40’s, it’s just ugly. Not that there is anything cute about binging at any age, but it takes it’s toll on your health and leaves a destructive wake of broken relationships, loss of income and a host of other unpleasant consequences.

Melody is a very nice person and people love her. She has supportive family, loving friends and an understanding boss at work. She doesn’t drink all of the time, but when she does drink, she doesn’t put the bottle down until there is nothing left. She is only 42, but looks 60.

Able to drink a lot of alcohol.

Alcoholics of any type can consume massive amounts of alcohol, but in Melody’s case, it was the “on again, off again” aspect of her disease that caused the problem. After being off the alcohol and clearing out her system, she dove back into the deep end of the drinking pool and came crashing head-on into the toxic consequences of alcohol.

People were whispering that it was not a surprise. They were wondering when something like this would happen. Of course the visits did not come until several days after her admittance to the hospital, mainly because Melody had to go through detoxification, which for alcohol is an ugly process. This time it didn’t kill her, but there would be no guarantees moving forward that any subsequent episode would not end her life.

So glad she was still alive.

Friends and family were gathered, all thankful that she was alive. The visits were a bit one sided, as Melody was still recovering from the detox ordeal. The first thing she wanted when she woke up and started to get her bearings was a cigarette and a drink.

Her behavior earlier in the day was a little out of character, as she swore at her nurse for trying to kill her. Having all the people in the room on her first “visiting day” was not altogether appreciated.

She was in total denial.

What is amazing about Melody is that she still has not connected all of the dots. Her alcoholism controls her life. The love, the support are not put into motion in her life, because there is only her craving. Even after going through treatment once, she is in denial of any problem, but will say that she doesn’t want to wind up in the hospital again.

She does not want a repeat of this episode in her life, but will continue doing what caused the episode in the first place. It’s a strange in-congruence that drives her thinking.

Her family understands that holding on to Melody is going to be hard., only now, more than ever before, they are embracing the education and support of the treatment center. They are going to try, once again, to help their loved one. Otherwise, the next large gathering will be at the funeral home instead of a hospital room.

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– Matthew 7:7-8

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