What Does Detox Mean for You and Your Loved One.

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What Does Detox Mean for You and Your Loved One.

by Trisha

Detoxification can be an alarming thought for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Drug addiction is extremely taxing on the body as is. So, naturally cessation of a drug, especially if the usage is major, will cause the person to experience withdrawal symptoms. These effects can range anywhere from mild to extreme.

Every person deserves a chance at sober living. If you or a loved one is thinking about detox please consult a detox center so you know exactly what to expect in your individualized experience. Becoming clean and sober is a journey and will take some time. It is a fantastic idea to educate yourself about what is to come when considering detox and what that means for you.

Only half of detox patients go to treatment

Four studies were conducted from 2008-2012 regarding alcohol and drug patterns. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration combined these studies to show the recorded approximate usage for each drug and alcohol in each age group. In addition, the studies showed that in 2011 alone 845,000 emergency department visits took place involving drugs and alcohol. On a normal day there were about 2,317 drug related emergency department visits per day for individuals in the 18-25 year range.

Another one of these studies showed that about 403,756 people entered treatment for one reason or another in 2011. That means that only half of these individuals who were hospitalized for drug abuse actually went into detox or recovery that same year. More information is currently being gathered in order to provide a comparison to today’s users. However, from 2008-2012 alone drug use increased, emergency department visits increased, but the number of individuals in treatment decreased. Excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to increase the chance for severe medical conditions such as breast cancer.

Addiction is not a choice.

Detox is a choice, but addiction is not. Those who do not wish to be stranded in a life of abuse have the option to not become a statistic like the ones listed above. Detox is within your control so be clear with your provider about your wants and needs. Each center runs independently, so work with the team of professionals and communicate what would make you the most comfortable during this time.

If your preferred path is a holistic one make sure that your caretakers are aware of this. However, also be prepared for drugs to be administered if the need be. If the symptoms become too severe this step could be required. The crew will do everything within their power to help in any way they can. However, be prepared for the fact that medical intervention may be necessary. It is the staff’s job to make sure the patient is content and most importantly safe and healthy. If they believe your life could be in danger, they will take action. Be cognizant of this to make the process go as smoothly as possible. They are professionals and will inform you of all necessary steps in your detox.

Detox is the first to addiction recovery.

Detox is the first step in recovery. According to Psychology Today, “Only about a third of those who are abstinent less than a year will remain abstinent”. Safely removing drugs or alcohol from a person’s system is the most effective way to ensure the patient remains clean and sober and follows through with a recovery program. Some treatment centers even list the common symptoms that are experienced during detox and, depending on which drug has been abused, when detox should begin and what to expect.

It is okay to admit defeat from drugs. Once a person admits they cannot control the addiction they can then truly seek help from loved ones, medical attention if needed, and begin the detox process. Detox for any person will open themselves up to a lifelong road to recovery. It will take time for the body to adjust back to normal function and during this time it is crucial to have friend, family, and medical attention. Building a solid foundation of support will be essential throughout the recovery process. Just know that you do not have to go through this alone. A support system is waiting to start you on the path to health and happiness.

If you feel that you or a loved one may not be able to afford detox costs please seek out a treatment center. Many centers are offering affordable options and/or will bill healthcare providers for the treatment. Do not disregard detox as an option before speaking with a professional.

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– Matthew 7:7-8

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