Daughter can’t get on with life?

by Lisa

My daughter was on Celexa over 3 years ago for anxiety at the age of 18. She decided to go off the drug because she couldn’t sleep. She feels she has had physical symptoms ever since and can’t get on with her life.

She needs to know this is not possible in order for her to believe her doctors. The doctors are telling her it is somatic symptoms caused by her anxiety. The most persistent is eye sensitivity?

Can you help answer this question please.

Thank you,


Look in a Different Direction

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Lisa,
Your daughter would probably benefit from seeing a behavioral health professional, and see is making bad decisions by going off the medications prescribed by her doctor. Sometimes the first med does not work all that well and it is necessary to adjust to dosage, or even the type of medication.

But this is an area best handled by a psychiatrist. A lot of her issue moving forward will be determined by her willingness to work with the doctors and follow the program. If she decides to be her own doctor, she is going to have difficulty.

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