Drug Addiction DUI

Drug Addiction DUI

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Drug Addiction DUI

The stories are in newspapers
every day. Somebody is stopped for DUI and we discover they have
been stopped four times before. Or, they are heavily intoxicated,
get into an automobile accident and kill somebody. It happens
repeatedly because nobody ever thinks something terrible is going to
happen to them. Of course when we think of DUI, we think in terms of
someone having too much to drink, and to be sure that is a common
occurrence, but DUI is so much broader than that. In my community we
have had two tragic events in the past three years, not involving
alcohol, but one with prescription medication and another with

It’s ALL impaired driving

DUI, driving under the influence,
or OWI, operating while intoxicated are the same thing, but in some
states DUI is a lesser offense. Here’s what DWI Lawyers.com has to

“DUI – Driving Under the Influence

OWI – Operating While Impaired

DWI – Driving While Intoxicated

The biggest difference between DUI and DWI is only in what the
letters stand for. In some states, the drunk driving laws
differentiate between a DUI and a DWI, where the DUI is a lesser
charge. In these states, a DUI usually signifies a lesser degree of
intoxication, which is determined by a person’s blood alcohol level
at the time of arrest. Other terms beside these two are also
employed, such as OUI and OWI, replacing the D for driving with an O
for operating”

Drug addiction DUI Causes HUGE

DUI/OWI is a major social problem in
America, and where this writer lives, Wisconsin, it is epidemic.
Proud Americans don’t like people telling them they can drink and
drive, or can’t use their drug of choice because it intoxicates.
In the cases I mentioned, one driver who killed a family in a
high-speed, rear-end car crash at a red light, was jacked up on
prescription pain medication he was addicted to following a surgery
15 years ago. He was on his way to a local pharmacy to fill one of
several prescriptions he had all over the area.

Making matters worse in the eyes of the
public, the man was a very wealthy and prominent surgeon. Despite the
fact that three people were dead, he fought hard to slip the charges,
but was convicted and will likely spend the rest of his life in
prison. The other case was a young man who was heavily intoxicated
on marijuana and despite having no injuries at all after his
accident, he claimed no knowledge of the accident. The reasoning, of
course, was that he felt he was not responsible because he didn’t
know where he was or what he was doing. The defense did not work.

Each state is on it’s own

Every state has its own laws. In
Wisconsin it is difficult to pass any meaningful legislation because
lawmakers are scared to death of the “Tavern League” which has a
lobbyist in Madison keeping the legislature in line. You see,
Wisconsin has literally thousands of small, “ma and pa” taverns
around the state. In Milwaukee, it is not at all uncommon for these
little places to be on all four corners of a residential

People drink in their neighborhood tavern, at the
sports events, at church picnics, at their children’s graduations,
and virtually nothing happens without alcohol. All over the country
people are getting prescriptions for pain medications, using far more
than they actually need, or they are given psychotropic drugs for any
number of issues, and who knows what those may do? There are many causes for drug addiction DUI and drug combinations are certainly one of the big ones.

People don’t take responsibility

DUI/OWI isn’t going away as
long as people don’t think. Regardless of a state’s particular
view on the subject, people need to realize that they are responsible
for their own behavior and if that behavior causes them to get drunk,
or high, and they choose to drive, they are putting their community
in jeopardy. But we minimize our lack of judgment and our bad
choices are, well, a bad choice. When we get into trouble, there are
lawyers out there to help us through the legal process, which means
in reality “please get me off.”

We read about people dying in accidents
and we want justice for them, but if we are the ones who do the
killing we want mercy. We can split hairs on the law all day, but
the bottom line is drug addiction DUI or OWI is serious and should not be treated
lightly, no matter how cleaver a lawyer is or how merciful the judge.

Treatment does work

Now we get to an important
topic for drug addiction DUI — treatment. Our sense of justice demands that people get
locked up, but in the vast majority of DUI/OWI cases, treatment is a
far better option and less costly. It’s expensive to lock a person
up for a year or two, so the cost of incarceration needs to be
weighed. Treatment has a better chance of rendering a productive
citizen. In some states, drug courts are operating and the judicial
system is part of the solution, rather than merely perpetuating the
problem. It’s a terrific idea.

Bottom line– think before you drive
a car. 

You may never get into an accident, but
when you are impaired, the risk of serious injury and death are ever
present. DUI or OWI, it doesn’t matter. It’s a bad idea either

That completes our page on drug addiction DUI, please visit our home page for more or return to our intervention page.

and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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