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My story with pain killers

by Damien
(Southport Queensland, Australia)

Hi in 2006 I suffered a bad accident at work as a shopfitter. I won't go into detail but I had back surgery to correct the problem. The surgery did not correct the problem but it did help sort of fix one thing but would cause pain over the years.

Now this story is about opiate medication so I'm not going to talk about my injury but will let you know I was in max pain lots of therapy and for 4 years I was on the synthetic drug Tramadol.

Well, after 4 years, I made the terrible choice to see a gp and complain that Tramadol was no longer helping me and he put me straight on Oxycontin 40 mg. Now I did not care or research these drugs, I just wanted relief and relief is certainly what I got it was magical a wonder drug.

My body took a while to get used to this potent pain killer. And I no longer did physical work and was doing fine in the office taking 2 40mg oxys a day and this went on for 2 years.

Now I call this the oxy train my body got used to the 40s so a trip to the Dr and I was now taking 4x40s a day. Then back to the Dr and in the end I was taking 4x 80s per day.

This stuff is a trap, yes it helps your pain, but for what relief you get the constipation, the withdrawal, cold sweats, uncomfortable mornings and you are no longer living like a human. You are now a oxy fueled body that will run out of steam if you stop this powerful powerful dependent medicine.

I wish I never went in to the Dr that day and told him my pain was 9 out of 10. Over the last 10 years I battled like a spartan to get my out- of-control pain meds under control it was the hardest fight I have ever taken part in. Now the thing that really gets to me, I could never get completely off this stuff. I suffered the worst withdrawal, I would rather had a killer flu it was nothing to look forward to but after the battle I finally got down to 3x 20 mg per day.

This does help my now terrible back pain but instead of waking with a yawn and enjoying a strong coffee to begin my day I wake felling quite ill until my oxy kicks in and I've had never ending bowel problems so I take special meds to make me regular.

I've been hospitalized a few times with fecal impactation, it's another awful side effect caused by oxy continued.

So if you are in pain and take a trip to the go with oxy on your mind LISTEN to me do every thing possible to get relief. I don't condone pot smoking, but buying a 50 bag and rolling a joint, getting a rub down massage, hot shower a 6 pack of beer. Buy a really expensive bed whinge, become a pain in the ass, live with your pain because just that first oxy and you to will join the oxy express and it never ever stops.

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- Matthew 7:7-8

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