Percocet Abuse Symptoms

What are most common Percocet abuse symptoms?

Percocet Abuse Symptoms: Sometimes there is a fine line between abusing Percocets and actually having an addiction to them. In either case, it is easy to go too far with this powerful combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen.

The Drug Enforcement Agency has classified this prescription pain killer as a Schedule II narcotic and is only intended for short-term control of severe pain. Percocet abuse symptoms must include the fact that these pills are highly addictive.

It is very effective, but highly addictive and is a target for abuse.

Drugs like Percocets get abused because people like to push the limits of anything. It’s like sitting down at the kitchen table with an ice cold glass of milk and a plate of freshly baked cookies. If one cookie is good, then two cookies must be better. If one pill does the trick, then two pills must do even better. It’s a part of the human condition. We can talk ourselves into most anything.

May not be addicted

The abuse of Percocet does not mean the person is addicted, it just means that the drug is being used improperly, or being used for something other than its intended purpose. Doctors are rather careful about prescribing this because the patient will either not follow directions, or take a few and leave the rest in the medicine cabinet where someone else can take it, or worse yet sell the remainder on the street. Percocet abuse symptoms include the fact that many buy them on the street. It almost become it's own currency.

Tolerance is possible even under a doctor’s care

When Percocet or any other opioid medication is used improperly, the patient can develop a tolerance to the drug, meaning it is going to take more and more of the drug to achieve the desired effect. That is why it is only intended for short-term use, but short-term is all it takes when people don’t follow instructions.

Because the drug is highly addictive, Percocet users who make the choice to ignore the prescription limits might wind up going to another doctor for another script. Thinking that they need the drug to function as the result of developing a psychological or physiological dependence on Percocet, the user will seek other sources. They ignore all of the negative Percocet abuse symptoms. Addiction comes on in stages, they may not be addicted at this stage, but they are in trouble. Sometimes the line between abuse and addiction is very thin.

May be hard to detect

It can be hard to tell if someone is abusing Percocet, because the symptoms can be subtle. It takes some observation and maybe a little detective work to get the full picture. The opioid will work on the part of the brain that controls pain messages. By blocking the pain message, the patient gets relief and the numbing effect can also produce a feeling of euphoria.

Some abusers will use the drug just for the high and not necessarily to control pain.

The high is similar to morphine or heroin, so it’s pretty intense. Perhaps the first clue is you notice that the person takes the drug more often then prescribed. These are critical Percocet abuse symptoms.

Need a refill too soon

Another clue is the person “needing” a prescription refill before the designated date. This will send up a red flag at pharmacies and insurance companies will likewise decline the request. That’s why abusers will not use their insurance necessarily to get more drugs and may look to the street.

Again, Percocet is intended for short-term use, so a person may not get a refill on the prescription.

Doctors will want to reassess the patient. Even non-addictive prescription drugs that are necessarily for the control of chronic disease like diabetes will not be administered with a forever refill order. Doctors want to keep on top of the situation and know what is happening to their patient. In the case of a narcotic, the controls are much tighter for good reason but getting around the controls is very easy.These are Percocet abuse symptoms that drug companies are supporting.

Drug becomes the center of their life

As a person slips from abuse towards addiction, there are accompanying changes in their behavior and lifestyle. The drug of abuse begins to become more and more important and the person always has to make sure they have “enough” of the drug to get by. You might notice a more deliberate and inappropriate focus on that. Percocet abusers will also give you another clue that they are having trouble, which is going back and forth from being high on the drug, to coming down off the drug.

The brain becomes the enemy

The brain gets fooled into thinking that the drug needs to be there for the person to feel “normal,” or good. So, when the drug is not present in the brain there is a craving and with withdrawal symptoms. This will produce mood swings, sometimes sweating, insomnia, nausea, muscle and bone pain and other physical signs. If Percocet is not available, the abuser might go to the streets and look for an alternative source. They may slip away just to “run an errand,” but they are drug shopping.

If no “percs” are available, they may turn to another opioid analgesic to produce their desired effects. Also, Percocet, being a legitimate prescription pharmaceutical, can be costly. Abusers may choose to switch to heroin, because it is less expensive, but they have no clue what they are getting, so the risk of overdose is serious.

Internet makes it WAY too easy

Another risk for abusers is the ease of going on the internet and buying from online pharmacies. This is a huge mistake, because fake drugs flood this market. Many of these phonies come from China, where clandestine manufacturing facilities turn out pills that look like the real thing and are packaged like the real thing, but in fact are nothing at all. The junk pills might also be toxic and potentially deadly.Another set of Percocet abuse symptoms people COMMONLY overlook.

Popular “street drug”

Percocet, like other oxycodone-based drugs have strong potential to be sold on the streets, outside of what would be the legal and proper market that is through prescription from a legitimate pharmacy. Sometimes people with legitimate prescriptions will give away extra pills, or sell them. Sometimes medications are stolen.

Percocet and other opiates flood the illegal market because people are irresponsible. Percocet abuse symptoms, subtle and obvious, are clues for family and friends to follow to help those they are about. As an abuser slips into addiction they will likely deny any inappropriate use of Percocet, so it is important to stand firm, keep your eyes open and try to get that person into treatment.

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