I’m only 13 and I’m scared,

by Christi

I’m scared to look at my once pretty face because I know I’ll see the monster I act like. My brother died in a car accident in October, I watched my best friend die in that seat. The night of his death I did so much heroin i freaked out the biggest junkie in school.

Prety soon everyone knew about my problems. I was kicked off the cheer leading squad. My parents did this big old intervention thingy and it helped a little bit, but i relasped again.

But one night i saw my brother in a dream and he told me he would kick my little anechoic ass if i didn’t pull my act together really soon. I know its crazy but it helped I’m one month sober now and proud of it.

The best advice to someone with an addiction is no matter how sad you are don’t turn to drugs because its going to get a hell of a lot scarier if you do drugs.

Good Job!

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Christi,
I am proud of you for being mature enough to see that you had a problem and doing something about it. The 12 Step process talks of a “power greater than ourselves,” and your dream about your brother was very powerful and motivating. I am so pleased you have made a good decision.

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