Only on weekends?

by Elizabeth

My question is simple and I’ve look on the internet but don’t seem to find it. I have a friend who does cocaine and she does it by putting it on her tongue.

She thinks she doesn’t have a problem because she does it only on weekends when she is out at the bar and after she is really drunk… I told her that her body craves that when she drinks and that it is a problem.

So I just wanted someone to confirm that who is familiar with the drug?

Once Is Too Much

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Elizabeth,

Cocaine and alcohol are a bad combination, even if it’s only on weekends. First of all, according to DSM-4, just using a drug doesn’t mean you’re an addict.

Using once is a problem and repeated use is asking for trouble. The alcohol seems to release her inhibitions and impair judgment, so she does the coke.

However, can she say no?

Does she have the ability to go an entire weekend without drinking?

Yes, the coke can produce cravings, but what is her relationship to the alcohol?

It sounds like she’s playing with fire here, so maybe a nudge in the right direction might help her.

If she can’t control the drinking, real trouble is ahead.

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